adding caption in BQM

frederic chaume frederic.chaume at
Fri Apr 28 09:22:57 BST 2023

Hi all

just tested the add caption in BQM (DK8.0.0 under windows)

so I select "assign caption" in the BQM, and tried to enter a caption. 
but as I enter the text normaly, as usual  text is displayed in the 
reverse order : "test" is shown as "tset"
I didn't set the option overwrite so I was expecting to see this new 
caption added to the existing one, but not the case. I only see the new one
and last point the new generated version is not visible in the version tree

Did I miss something?

also I see there is language selection, what is the purpose here ? from 
what I see, depending on the language , I don't see the same result in 
the caption



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