Is digiKam's ePub offline documentation missing its functional TOC?

Paul Norman paul at
Fri Apr 7 08:28:11 BST 2023


Using Calibre, I have run the following and made a .pdf and a new ePub 
respectively ...

ebook-convert DigikamManual.epub DigikamManual.pdf --paper-size=a4 
--pdf-hyphenate --embed-all-fonts --pretty-print --pdf-page-numbers 
--pdf-add-toc --smarten-punctuation --keep-ligatures 
--enable-heuristics  --use-auto-toc --duplicate-links-in-toc 
--level1-toc=//h:h1 --level2-toc=//h:h2 --level3-toc=//h:h3 

ebook-convert DigikamManual.epub new_DigikamManual.epub 
--epub-inline-toc --embed-all-fonts --pretty-print --smarten-punctuation 
--keep-ligatures --enable-heuristics --use-auto-toc 
--duplicate-links-in-toc --level1-toc=//h:h1 --level2-toc=//h:h2 
--level3-toc=//h:h3  --max-toc-links=3000

But I'm not sure if the auto generated TOCs are as intended by the authors.


On 7/04/2023 2:21 pm, Paul Norman wrote:
> Hi,
> I have downloaded
> ... and opened it in both
>     Calibre
>     and,
>     Sigil
> And unlike the well formatted “digiKam Recipies” (which I have 
> purchased),
> the digiKam Manual only displays one item in the Table of Contents in 
> Calibre,
> simply saying “digiKam Manual” — with no sub entries at all, and the 
> rest, in the only shown page, is just too confusing to follow, or 
> navigate around with if you start clicking anything.
> “digiKam Recipies” shows a beautifully set out TOC in both Calibre and 
> Sigil.
> Is there another recommended ePub reader that I should be using to 
> read the “Digikam Manual.epub” in,
> or is possibly something wrong with the ePub's formatting and setup?
> As, says:
> "The digiKam documentation can be read online here or downloaded in 
> EPUB format here."
> ... I guess I expected the ePub to follow the general pattern of the 
> online manual ...
> Any help or pointers greatly appreciated please,
> as sometimes we need to use the offline ePub “digiKam Manual” help..
> TIA,
> Paul
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