Is digiKam's ePub offline documentation missing its functional TOC?

Paul Norman paul at
Fri Apr 7 03:21:38 BST 2023


I have downloaded

... and opened it in both


And unlike the well formatted “digiKam Recipies” (which I have purchased),
the digiKam Manual only displays one item in the Table of Contents in 
simply saying “digiKam Manual” — with no sub entries at all, and the 
rest, in the only shown page, is just too confusing to follow, or 
navigate around with if you start clicking anything.

“digiKam Recipies” shows a beautifully set out TOC in both Calibre and 

Is there another recommended ePub reader that I should be using to read 
the “Digikam Manual.epub” in,
or is possibly something wrong with the ePub's formatting and setup?

As,  says:

"The digiKam documentation can be read online here or downloaded in EPUB 
format here."

... I guess I expected the ePub to follow the general pattern of the 
online manual ...

Any help or pointers greatly appreciated please,
as sometimes we need to use the offline ePub “digiKam Manual” help..



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