[digiKam-users] filters

jdd at dodin.org jdd at dodin.org
Mon Jul 11 12:04:25 BST 2022

Le 11/07/2022 à 10:00, digikam-users.johnny1000 at spamgourmet.com a écrit :
> "Légendes" (two tabs up from "Filtres" in your screenshot) -> "Tags"
> (the middle tab, between "Description" and "Information") -> The button
> below the tags list, between the search text field and the button with
> the clock icon on it.
> When you hover the mouse over the button, a popup text shows something
> like "Already assigned tags"
> Is that what you need?

non, I know and I use this.

I search the same for the filter windows :-(



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