[digiKam-users] New User Question

Remco Viƫtor remco.vietor at wanadoo.fr
Wed Jul 6 06:29:22 BST 2022

On mercredi 6 juillet 2022 00:28:41 CEST Andrew Goodbody wrote:
> You may not want to do an import at all. Import will copy the files to a
> new location under an existing collection. If you want to access those
> files in their current location you should add that location as a new
> collection as a networked device.
> I am just questioning what you want to achieve because sometimes new
> users have not yet fully understood the way digikam works in that it is
> just a view onto the OS file system.
Well, it's a bit more: a database with extra metadata and such, and a 
thumbnail database, and, if you use it, a face recognition database. Those 
have to be updated when new files arrive.

> If you really do want to copy the files to a new location, then just do
> that direct to the directory you want that is under an existing
> collection, no need to do an import in that case.

That works if digikam checks for new files at startup, or if you manually tell 
it to. I'm not sure it works otherwise.


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