[digiKam-users] Not able to make digikam recognize mariadb-install-db on my computer

Fred Engst fredengst at gmail.com
Tue Jul 5 20:32:28 BST 2022

Hi, I’m new on this list
I have a question that I have searched the mail archive, but couldn’t find the answer.
Since my collection is too big for SQLite, I tried to switch to Mariadb.
I was able to install it correctly by following the "MariaDB Mac Installation: 10 Easy Steps” from https://hevodata.com/learn/mariadb-mac/, and it seems to worked fine.
I tried to navigate to the folder where mariadb-install-db is located, but digikam refuse to recognize it. The same is for the 2 other binaries.
I have a MacBook Pro 2018, using OSX 10.14.6.
Can anyone give me a hint?

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