[digiKam-users] DK 7.5 and exiv2

digikam at 911networks.com digikam at 911networks.com
Mon Feb 7 17:06:43 GMT 2022


DK 7.5 appimage on debian

What's the situation/relationship between DK7.5 and exiv2?

Do I need to have it installed when I use DK 7.5 appimage? and if I
need to have it, will exiv2 0.27.3-3+deb11u1 be enough? (I do not have
cr3 images) or do I need 0.27.5?

I need to compile some older stuff that requires libexiv2-27 but it
doesn't like 0.27.5, so before I downgrade to 0.27.3...

Thank you



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