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Ty Mayn tyrus.mayn at gmail.com
Mon Feb 7 16:30:41 GMT 2022

  I plan to use slideshow for presentations because of its ability to
overlay chosen metadata onto the images comparable to thumbnail
overlay....while Presentation only allows filename and caption.
   Still new to digikam I am asking if there are tools or methods for
gaining these functions in preparing a selection of images for a Slideshow.

1.  Persisting the Selection
       I will use a tag for  inclusion into the slideshow. The tag avoids
having to use a directory of either moved files or duplicate files to
represent the inventory.
Digikam is a giant unified directory of symlinks and if I later need that
slideshow as a textfile playlist  for some other application, perhaps I
will learn later how to extract that from the database.   Have I overlooked
a better way of persisting inventory without duplication of files or
disturbing  the existing albums?

2. How to Manually Sort  the Inventory
          When the tag representing included image files is in the viewer,
let us suppose that the order is mostly satisfied by ascending date except
for just a few  images needing reposition.
How can that manual choice be imposed upon the initial order enforced by
Then how can that sort order be persisted (like a playlist)?
   Manual sorting is a fundamental feature of playlist engines and can be
fixed in the output of a text play list. . (If I were using Presentation
which can received an input of a list I suppose I would edit the text list
3.  Zooming in slideshow
       Both slideshow and presentations seem to lack zoom, and this is very
helpful for audiences that need full screen with option to focus on some
object. Zoom was discussed in a bug addon in 2019
    Is there an undocumented way to zoom in slideshow?
Since slideshow is a full screen display, has anyone found a good technique
with superimposed system zooming  that is easily returned to normal view? (
I am forced to use Win10 and the full screen seems to put system tools out
of visual reach)

  Thanks for digikam. Thanks for help to gain understanding and skill.
Ty Mayn
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