[digiKam-users] Big Problems with Digikam 7.x with MacOS Big Sur

Bryan Walton (digikam) bkw.21276 at 70mpg.org
Mon Oct 4 14:16:52 BST 2021

This weekend, I replaced our computer that was previously running MacOS 
Catalina with a computer running MacOS Big Sur.  I encountered numerous 
issues with Digikam 7.x on this new computer.  (Previously, I was 
running Digikam 7.x on the Catalina computer without any problems.)  
But, on Big Sur:

1. On Digikam 7.2-7.3, the camera list is empty.  And auto-detect 
doesn't work.  (obviously 7.0 and 7.1 don't work on Big Sur, so didn't 
try those.)
2. To add a generic USB PTP Class Camera, I had to manually add it.  But 
it still doesn't work.  In fact, when I try to do an import of images 
from my android phone set to PTP mode, Digikam immediately crashes.

Fortunately, and perhaps oddly, Digikam 6.4 works very well on Big Sur. 
None of the above issues are problematic on 6.4.  I was able to select 
the USB PTP Class Camera from the camera list, and importing works very 
well. Once I had a 6.4 install working, I then tried separate upgrades 
to both 7.2 and 7.3.  The USB PTP import process still causes Digikam to 
immediately crash.

I tried:
export QT_LOGGING_RULES="digikam*=true"

And what I saw was Segmentation Fault 11.

I've finally gone back to 6.4 and am staying there, for the immediate 
future.  Is anybody else having these issues with Big Sur and Digikam?


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