[digiKam-users] Where do album properties get stored?

Jonathan Kamens jikamens at gmail.com
Tue Nov 30 15:02:05 GMT 2021

What "album properties" are you referring to?

There are standardized formats for EXIF data, which means it is possible 
for digiKam to store metadata about individual photos in the photos 
themselves and for that metadata to be read and utilized by other photo 
management tools.

In contrast, there is no standard for "album properties," so it's not 
feasible for digiKam to store most album properties in a way that other 
photo management tools can use.

On 11/30/21 9:44 AM, Chris Green wrote:
> I assume that album properties are stored (only?) in the database,
> this adds to the difficulty of moving a photo collection maintained
> with Digikam.
> I wish, I wish, I wish there was a way (as in a single option
> somewhere) that would tell Digikam that I want *everything* stored
> with the image files so that, if I want to move or copy my photo
> collection from computer A to computer B, or from directory A to
> directory B I can simply copy the whole directory hierarchy and the
> job is done.
> It also make backups more difficult as one has to copy the album
> hierarchy *and* the database which may be in very different places,
> plus how does one guarantee that they are 'synchronized'?
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