[digiKam-users] Where do album properties get stored?

Chris Green cl at isbd.net
Tue Nov 30 16:49:42 GMT 2021

Jonathan Kamens <jikamens at gmail.com> wrote:
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> On 11/30/21 9:44 AM, Chris Green wrote:
> > I assume that album properties are stored (only?) in the database,
> > this adds to the difficulty of moving a photo collection maintained
> > with Digikam.
> >
> > I wish, I wish, I wish there was a way (as in a single option
> > somewhere) that would tell Digikam that I want *everything* stored
> > with the image files so that, if I want to move or copy my photo
> > collection from computer A to computer B, or from directory A to
> > directory B I can simply copy the whole directory hierarchy and the
> > job is done.
> >
> > It also make backups more difficult as one has to copy the album
> > hierarchy *and* the database which may be in very different places,
> > plus how does one guarantee that they are 'synchronized'?
> >
> What "album properties" are you referring to?
The ones you can set if you right click on an album (or 'sub album'),
there's a 'Properties' in the drop down.

> There are standardized formats for EXIF data, which means it is possible 
> for digiKam to store metadata about individual photos in the photos 
> themselves and for that metadata to be read and utilized by other photo 
> management tools.
> In contrast, there is no standard for "album properties," so it's not 
> feasible for digiKam to store most album properties in a way that other 
> photo management tools can use.
Yes, I realise that, but (as for image files) the properties could,
for example, be put in a sidecar file which *would* get copied when on
copies the album hierarchy.

Chris Green

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