[digiKam-users] Best practise for DigiKam backup?

Henrik Hemrin hehemrin at hemrin.com
Sun Nov 28 13:29:17 GMT 2021

Thank you for several interesting answers to my original post. I do not include any of answers here, as my follow up is general to all. 

No answer so far has contradicted my understanding that it is the three parts, see below, that are needed to restore DigiKam. Any more comment?

I have gotten several thoughts for my backup plan listening to how you who have answered are do backup, thanks! 

I have an automatic always connected backup in form of Time Machine (macOS) on external drives. In addition, I have manual backup on portable external drives, which I also try to keep one on another geographical location. A more automatic method can indeed be of consideration. 

I have always considering someone else cloud as one backup. But if so, I want for privacy have my own encryption on that storage. How do you do? 

One reason for having backup, is physical failure of the main drive, fire etc. But another is infection, ransomware and so on. And considering infection, I wonder what you think about that infection may propagate to backup-copies (directly connected, via local network or external cloud)? I suppose encryption of all drives reduce the risk, but I do not know enough to tell. Having the backup drive connected only at backup execution is for sure a method to reduce the risk to infect backups. Any comment? 

Best regards
Henrik Hemrin

> 21 nov. 2021 kl. 20:11 skrev Henrik Hemrin <hehemrin at hemrin.com>:
> A question about backup. 
> My background is that I have used Photoshop Elements for years. I backup primarily in two ways: 
> - Copy and paste of folders with photos (incl sidecars)
> - Backup tool included in Photoshop Elements, which includes all to restore Photoshop Elements. 
> I am relatively new to DigiKam. I have not found any similar backup tool included. I use DigiKam as Linux Appimage and (soon) on macOS as well. As I understand, I must myself "copy and paste" (or any script or whatever method I add myself) and do a backup of: 
> a) configuration file digikamrc
> b) data bases 
> c) folders with photos (incl sidecars)
> Is this correctly understood? Any further advice? 
> Best regards 
> Henrik Hemrin

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