[digiKam-users] Best practise for DigiKam backup?

jdd at dodin.org jdd at dodin.org
Sun Nov 28 13:53:51 GMT 2021

Le 28/11/2021 à 14:29, Henrik Hemrin a écrit :

> One reason for having backup, is physical failure of the main drive, fire etc. But another is infection, ransomware and so on. And considering infection, I wonder what you think about that infection may propagate to backup-copies

infection on image files is not likely

first I use linux and don't know right now any linux ransomware :-). 
Then I use several non automatics backups. now 5 :-))

* a 6Tb usb hard drive always connected
* two 5 tb usb disks that I change from time to time, the older being on 
an other location (in fact at the other side of a large house, because 
I'm retired. When working it was at work)
* my online gallery that don't have source files, but have the ùmost 
important part (only 300Go)
* and, by the way, I have also a 5tb 2.5" hard drive.

this one was a life saver, when I noticed than at some moment, when 
making housekeeping in my non image files I removed an archive folder, I 
don't even know how nor why. But this one was on the 2.5" disk, one year 
old :-)

the worst friend is between the keyboard and the chair :-)



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