[digiKam-users] XMP sidecar file

Remco Viëtor remco.vietor at wanadoo.fr
Sun Dec 26 16:19:54 GMT 2021

On dimanche 26 décembre 2021 16:21:13 CET mippo wrote:
> Hello,
> I have some question about the XMP file, how and where the star grading,
> color selection and color flags are stored.
> Infact I need to share these info, especially the star grading, with
> Darktable.
> It seems DigiKam is not able to recognize the XMP info if modified by
> another program (i.e. Darktable, or any text editor), it seems DK prefer to
> use the info stored somewhere in its database, regardless of the new
> variation coming from external (DT).
> I'm trying all settings combination, including the "Group" picture feature.
> Also it seems there is a little different behaviour, between Jpg and Raw
> files.
> (any suggestion ?)

Specifically wrt darktable, importing the star rating from darktable works, as 
does importing tags.

But you have to tell digikam to reread the XMP sidecars. As I usually work per 
directory, what I do is select all images in that directory (after I've made 
changes in dt) and use "Item"->"Reread metadata" (or something similar).

An alternative might be to have digikam check for changed files (can be very 
slow on startup, and I haven't checked what that does on files changed while 
digikam is running)

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