[digiKam-users] Read tags from a file

Carles Pina Estany c.pinaestany at arctic-century.net
Mon Aug 9 17:32:39 BST 2021

Hello Digikam users ML,

I am a member of an Arctic Expedition 
(https://swisspolar.ch/expeditions/arctic-century-expedition/) and we 
are trying to use DigiKam to tag the photos of the expedition.

We did a similar thing with the photos from another expedition a few 
years ago (but that time it was after the expedition).

One user uses Linux with Digikam 7.3 and has no problems reading the 
tags from the xmp file. This also works on another Linux with Digikam 
7.3. Other users are using MacOS with Digikam 7.3 (but we have also 
tried 7.2 and 7.4).

We are doing:
     - put a JPG and the associated xmp file in the collection (the tags 
are written to this xmp file but not the JPG; they are named 
     - in preferences in MacOS or settings -> configure digikam in Linux 
-> metadata -> sidecars -> read from sidecars
     - On the Linux machine, the tags were automatically discovered and 
we didn't have to do anything else. On the Macs, we have tried the 
following: in tag manager -> sync export -> read tags from image; item 
-> reread metadata from image; album -> reread metadata from images
     - none of the tags with which the photo is tagged, appear in the tag 
manager (or captions -> tags). None of the other photos in the 
collection are tagged in any way.

On Mac OS X (where we have the problem) we've tried Digikam versions 
7.3, 7.2 and a recent build (2 or 3 days ago?).

Any suggestion on what to try to import the tags on Mac is very welcome. 
Our next step (never give up!) is to deal with the sqlite database to 
import the tags but we would prefer to avoid that if possible. We might 
be able to download new daily builds if this helped (using the MacOSX 
binary files).

Thank you very much!

PS: I'm happy to answer any other expedition details on the setup :-) 
sadly we didn't have time to test Digikam on Mac OS X before hand :-( we 
did a similar thing on Windows and Mac machines a few years ago after an 


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