[digiKam-users] Read tags from a file

Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at gmail.com
Tue Aug 10 03:08:39 BST 2021


It sounds like a difference between the Linux and MacOS version about XMP
sidecar (path or content parsing).

Please share in private few items with sidecar files to try to reproduce
the problem. I can double check here with Linux and MacOS.

Please also share the complete list of DK/Setup/Metadata configuration
(screenshots are enough).

Thanks in advance

Gilles Caulier

Le lun. 9 août 2021 à 18:33, Carles Pina Estany <
c.pinaestany at arctic-century.net> a écrit :

> Hello Digikam users ML,
> I am a member of an Arctic Expedition
> (https://swisspolar.ch/expeditions/arctic-century-expedition/) and we
> are trying to use DigiKam to tag the photos of the expedition.
> We did a similar thing with the photos from another expedition a few
> years ago (but that time it was after the expedition).
> One user uses Linux with Digikam 7.3 and has no problems reading the
> tags from the xmp file. This also works on another Linux with Digikam
> 7.3. Other users are using MacOS with Digikam 7.3 (but we have also
> tried 7.2 and 7.4).
> We are doing:
>      - put a JPG and the associated xmp file in the collection (the tags
> are written to this xmp file but not the JPG; they are named
> <filename>.JPG.xmp)
>      - in preferences in MacOS or settings -> configure digikam in Linux
> -> metadata -> sidecars -> read from sidecars
>      - On the Linux machine, the tags were automatically discovered and
> we didn't have to do anything else. On the Macs, we have tried the
> following: in tag manager -> sync export -> read tags from image; item
> -> reread metadata from image; album -> reread metadata from images
>      - none of the tags with which the photo is tagged, appear in the tag
> manager (or captions -> tags). None of the other photos in the
> collection are tagged in any way.
> On Mac OS X (where we have the problem) we've tried Digikam versions
> 7.3, 7.2 and a recent build (2 or 3 days ago?).
> Any suggestion on what to try to import the tags on Mac is very welcome.
> Our next step (never give up!) is to deal with the sqlite database to
> import the tags but we would prefer to avoid that if possible. We might
> be able to download new daily builds if this helped (using the MacOSX
> binary files).
> Thank you very much!
> PS: I'm happy to answer any other expedition details on the setup :-)
> sadly we didn't have time to test Digikam on Mac OS X before hand :-( we
> did a similar thing on Windows and Mac machines a few years ago after an
> expedition.
> Carles
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