[digiKam-users] Standard work flow for using database portably?

Mark S. (DK) makigid at saliers.com
Tue Sep 29 01:05:07 BST 2020

Sorry if this is a repeat -- the last time it accidentally became part 
of a different thread.

I tried searching this online, but I kept ending up with conversations 
from 2012.

I have a digikam database that I sometimes connect on a Linux machine, 
and sometimes on a Windows machine. Obviously the paths to these two 
different systems are very different. The relative relation between the 
"collection" and the albums stays the same.

What is the standard method for operating between two systems? So far, 
all I can find is that I have to use the sqlite browser and manually 
change paths. Yet this method doesn't seem to be officially

Is there a better way when you sometimes need to work on one system, and 
sometimes on another?

Thank you!

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