[digiKam-users] FaceTags not showing

Mick Sulley mick at sulley.info
Sat Sep 19 10:27:47 BST 2020

Can anyone help with this?  Looking at it some more there are loads of 
pictures affected.

I also noticed a difference in how I select in the left panel. If I 
select a person in the People tab I get some of them, if I select that 
same person in Tags > People I get many more.

I am suspecting a mismatch between exif data and the database. Is there 
a way to test this?



On 07/09/2020 22:44, Mick Sulley wrote:
> Running DK 7.1.0 appImage  I have noticed a problem with 2 of my 
> pictures, I suspect there may be more but most are fine.  They are 
> from 2014 so have been in my album for some time.  There are 4 people 
> in the both pics, and if I open Captions > Tags on right panel the 
> correct people show ticked but there are no face boxes on the picture.
> The odd thing is that I still have DK 5.6 on my laptop and the problem 
> pictures show just fine on that.  I have copied them across and the 
> face boxes don't show on the copies on DK 7.1.0
> If I look at the exif for pictures that show the face boxes I see 
> entries for Region Name, Type, Area, etc but the problem picture do 
> not have that, BUT they show face boxes in DK 5.6.
> Is it possible that the face data is written to the database but not 
> to exif for these pics?  If so how can I fix it?
> Thanks
> Mick

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