[digiKam-users] FaceTags not showing

woenx marcpalaus at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 19 11:04:07 BST 2020

In my experience, that looks like a mismatch between the database and the
metadata in the files. Either those faces were never written to the
picture's metadata, or the newer digikam could not "see" those pictures. The
former is more likely. 

You mention you still have digikam 5.6 where you still see these faces. Are
the pictures shared between your laptop (digikam 5.6) and the computer where
7.1 is installed? In that case, changes made in 5.6 should be seen by 7.1
during the initial scan (or if you re-read the metadta).

In any case, I would do the following:

- Use an external tool to see the metadat on one of these pictures and make
sure the faces are really in there: http://exif.regex.info/exif.cgi
   - If they are there, in digikam 7.1 just select these files (or the whole
library) and Item/Re-read the metadata
   - If they are not there, in digikam 5.6, Item/Write metadata to files
(and then re-read them in 7.1).

That should sync both libraries.

Or you could share one of these pictures we can check for ourselves if you
are unsure.

I hope I helped.

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