[digiKam-users] FaceTags not showing

Mick Sulley mick at sulley.info
Mon Sep 7 22:44:57 BST 2020

Running DK 7.1.0 appImage  I have noticed a problem with 2 of my 
pictures, I suspect there may be more but most are fine.  They are from 
2014 so have been in my album for some time.  There are 4 people in the 
both pics, and if I open Captions > Tags on right panel the correct 
people show ticked but there are no face boxes on the picture.

The odd thing is that I still have DK 5.6 on my laptop and the problem 
pictures show just fine on that.  I have copied them across and the face 
boxes don't show on the copies on DK 7.1.0

If I look at the exif for pictures that show the face boxes I see 
entries for Region Name, Type, Area, etc but the problem picture do not 
have that, BUT they show face boxes in DK 5.6.

Is it possible that the face data is written to the database but not to 
exif for these pics?  If so how can I fix it?



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