[digiKam-users] Cannot browse by tags on images recovered from an accidentally formated hard disk - exif data is present on recoevered images

Ramnarayan.K Digikam ramnarayank+digikam at gmail.com
Thu Nov 26 09:54:49 GMT 2020


Some, many, months ago I accidentally formatted my image hard disk.  More
than a TB's worth.

It took many days of running testdisk / photorec to recover the images.

The recovered images all lost their original names and are now in multiple
(100's) of folders named by testdisk / photorec

Since then I have pointed digikam to the recovered images (On a new Hard
disk) and am also placing my new images in the same section.

Digikam has picked up the tags that were / are in the recovered images, it
has also organized them by date (from exif data).

*However while I can browse by date I cannot browse by Tags. *

I have used the "read tags " from images - and this also took a tonne load
of time but it generated all the tags (seemingly) but it shows no images in
any tag category.

Kindly advice.

My images are on external USB portable drive. And I open digikam only after
attaching the drive

Current OS and Digikam Specs are
Linux Mint 20 (Ulyana)
Digikam Version 6.4.0

Look forward to you advice

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