[digiKam-users] Writing tags to PEF and ARW files

mmjoshi mmjoshi at iitbombay.org
Sun Dec 20 11:21:35 GMT 2020

Remco Viƫtor wrote
> Tags can be stored in a number of fields, why not have a look at the XMP
> file 
> directly with a text editor? it is basically nothing more than formatted
> plain 
> text, no binary codes involved.
> Remco

Thanks for the tip!

I did some further investigation. Some files with the xmp extension are text
files and they contain the correct tags in text format. ExifdTool also can
read them. However, other xmp files are in binary format! They do not
contain the tags nor can ExifTool read those tags.

Another interesting thing I noticed. All the PEF files have the XMP file
name in the format filename.xmp. However for the ARW files, some XMP files
have the format filename.xmp and rest of the XMP files have the filenames in
the format filename.arw.xmp! Why this difference? I hope I am making myself

Anyway, is there a way to clean this up? Delete all the XMP files and
regenerate them by writing tags from the database? Since the number is huge,
obviously this needs to be a batch operation. 

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