[digiKam-users] Was DK 7.2 released?

Thomas D sdktda at gmail.com
Tue Dec 22 13:02:51 GMT 2020


I was just looking at the DK Release plan (

It says that DK 7.2 is to be released on 2020-12-20.
But when I go to the main DK website, I only see DK 7.2 beta and DK 7.1.

Was DK 7.2 released two days ago but the website not updated with new
download links?
Or is DK 7.2 delayed?

PS. If DK 7.2 is not relased yet this mail is not meant to stress anyone. I
am just in the process of installing a new laptop. And I would like to
install DK 7.2 if it is indeed available somewhere.

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