[digiKam-users] Writing tags to PEF and ARW files

Remco Viëtor remco.vietor at wanadoo.fr
Sun Dec 20 06:54:48 GMT 2020

On dimanche 20 décembre 2020 07:13:06 CET mmjoshi wrote:
> I have hundreds of files in Pentax PEF and Sony ARW. I have tagged them in
> digiKam with a hierarchy of tags. I do see xmp files generated for each of
> these files. However, if I check with ExifTool I do not see the tag
> information in the XMP files. In the digiKam settings I have selected the
> option Write to sidecar files with "Write to XMP sidecar for read-only item
> only" sub option.
> I also tried selecting all the images and using the Tag manager "Write Tags
> from Database to Image" option. The tag information is still missing in
> ExifTool and the timestamp on the XMP files also does not change indicating
> no change was made to these files.
> Tried searching the knowledge base but did not find anything that would
> help.
> Am I doing something wrong?

Tags can be stored in a number of fields, why not have a look at the XMP file 
directly with a text editor? it is basically nothing more than formatted plain 
text, no binary codes involved.


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