[digiKam-users] Writing tags to PEF and ARW files

mmjoshi mmjoshi at iitbombay.org
Sun Dec 20 06:13:06 GMT 2020

I have hundreds of files in Pentax PEF and Sony ARW. I have tagged them in
digiKam with a hierarchy of tags. I do see xmp files generated for each of
these files. However, if I check with ExifTool I do not see the tag
information in the XMP files. In the digiKam settings I have selected the
option Write to sidecar files with "Write to XMP sidecar for read-only item
only" sub option.

I also tried selecting all the images and using the Tag manager "Write Tags
from Database to Image" option. The tag information is still missing in
ExifTool and the timestamp on the XMP files also does not change indicating
no change was made to these files.

Tried searching the knowledge base but did not find anything that would

Am I doing something wrong? 

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