[digiKam-users] Comparing jpg files in directories with subdirectories to remove duplication etc.

Thomas D sdktda at gmail.com
Sun Dec 6 12:49:21 GMT 2020

Hi Budge,

In my opinion this is indeed a very common use case. But alas DK is
currently not really helpful with this.
I do think this is indeed a difficult problem to work on. And multiple
dialogs may be needed. I really hope the devs want to give this priority. I
will gladly help with designing the UI/UX if the help is wanted.

What I currently do is use the 'jdupes' tool to identify files that are
exactly identical and then delete duplicates. Then I have to use something
like GwenView or similar to compare each duplicate.

Den lør. 5. dec. 2020 kl. 15.45 skrev Budge <ajebay at errichel.co.uk>:

> The background to this request for help is that I have two sets of images
> which may in fact be the same but have been downloaded differently from
> camera or copied from camera and/or memory card and transferred.  I now
> have to sort them out!
> Certainly some of the pictures appear to be the same but I have no idea
> which is the "best" in terms of resolution and completeness of original
> camera metadata.  I have several hundred files to deal with.
> I know that digiKam can help here but would appreciate some help in doing
> this please as I am very new to digikam.
> Budge
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