[digiKam-users] Help!

Frank Wadge thegarpster at gmail.com
Sat Dec 5 20:40:21 GMT 2020

I'd like to catalog the several thousand, mostly JPG images, I have
amassed. As many of them are of people, I thought that using facial
recognition technology would be an asset. In my search for an application
to use I discovered *digiKam* which appears to have everything I need, and
more. And thereby hangs the reason for this message.

I just downloaded the latest version and set about seeing how to use it,
but even the Introduction is waaay above *my *head! Is there a simple entry
to using this very comprehensive tool?

I have already had digiKam process the bulk of my image files into the
initial db files, but now I am at a loss how to proceed. Am I biting off
more than I can chew with digiKam?

Best Regards,
*Frank S. Wadge*

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