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Hi Frank - I just did the same a couple of days ago. It seems to make sense
to start getting used to the less complex features, understand what you see
on the screen and how you maneuver around. First thing I did was to have my
> 70 thousand fotos in a folder hierarchy. Then have that as the basis for
the database.
Play around next with the different views and edit some photos. Try using
other editors as well. Them you might want to start to understand the
tagging system which includes tags for persons / faces. And once
you'er covered that, you might start working with faces. It takes time.

Am Sa., 5. Dez. 2020 um 21:41 Uhr schrieb Frank Wadge <thegarpster at gmail.com

> I'd like to catalog the several thousand, mostly JPG images, I have
> amassed. As many of them are of people, I thought that using facial
> recognition technology would be an asset. In my search for an application
> to use I discovered *digiKam* which appears to have everything I need,
> and more. And thereby hangs the reason for this message.
> I just downloaded the latest version and set about seeing how to use it,
> but even the Introduction is waaay above *my *head! Is there a simple
> entry to using this very comprehensive tool?
> I have already had digiKam process the bulk of my image files into the
> initial db files, but now I am at a loss how to proceed. Am I biting off
> more than I can chew with digiKam?
> Best Regards,
> *Frank S. Wadge*
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