[digiKam-users] How can I get digiKam to instantly hide photos when they are rejected?

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Mon Aug 10 05:31:24 BST 2020

Wow, that does work.  When I turn on a "one star" filter or a "one star" 
search and type Ctrl-0, the current photo disappears and the next one is 
selected (as I would expect).

Does that mean that it is a bug that when I have a "None, Pending, or 
Accepted flags" filter or a "None of the conditions are met, with Reject 
flag" search and type Alt-1 to reject a photo it doesn't disappear from 

Can anyone confirm that they see the same behaviors (i.e. there isn't 
something messed up in my environment)?


PS: It looks like the same issue happens with colors.  If I have a"None 
color" filter and type Ctrl-Alt-1 to assign red to the selected image, 
the image doesn't disappear from view.  Why do star ratings/filters work 
differently (better IMO) than the others?

On 8/9/2020 5:06 PM, mippo mippo9-at-gmail.com |digikam-users| wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm trying this solution, muted from Darktable:
> - when importing for the first time I apply one star to all (Modify, 
> Select All, then Ctrl-1)
>    Then during the necessary review, I apply the following criteria:
> - for to reject ones, I apply zero star (Ctrl-0);
> - for the good enough, I leave the current (one) star;
> - for the better I apply two stars (ctrl-2);
> then, for viewing the preview, apply the "one star" filter, by default.
> in order to view the better, apply  "two stars", and so on ...
> Actually I continue keeping all the rejected photos (that are about 
> 60-80% of the total, because of "just in case", having no problem of 
> disk room.
> simply but effective ...
> what do you think about this?
> Il giorno dom 9 ago 2020 alle ore 22:04 <2895qgvg6v at liamekaens.com 
> <mailto:2895qgvg6v at liamekaens.com>> ha scritto:
>     I asked this a week ago, but got no response, so I'm trying again ...
>     The first thing I do, after importing my photos, assigning
>     high-level keywords and renaming them, is to make a pass over all
>     the photos to reject all the hopelessly bad ones. In Lightroom I
>     do this by setting the filter to "No Rejects" (i.e. Unflagged or
>     Flagged, but not Rejected), then examining each photo to check
>     that the subject(s) are in the frame, check critical focus, etc.,
>     and typing X to reject the photo if it fails any of the checks. 
>     If Lightroom is in grid view when I reject a photo, the photo
>     immediately disappears from view and the next photo is selected. 
>     If Lighroom is in loupe view when I reject a photo, again the
>     photo immediately disappears from view and is replaced by the next
>     photo.  At a much later point in my image processing workflow
>     (after selecting the "best" photos, processing them and exporting
>     them for publishing), I delete all the rejected photos.
>     I have attempted to do the same thing in digiKam.  I can replicate
>     "No Rejects" by selecting None, Pending, and Accepted (but not
>     Rejected) either in the Picture Properties section of the Advanced
>     Search dialog from the Search View in Left Sidebar, or in the
>     Filters tab in the Right Sidebar.  In both cases however, when I
>     type Alt+1 to reject a photo, the photo doesn't disappear from
>     either the Icon area (the thumbnails) or the Preview area. 
>     Instead I see the reject flag on the Thumbnail (unless I'm in full
>     screen where the Icon area is hidden), and no indication in the
>     Preview area that the image was rejected.  This means I have to
>     manually type Right-arrow to move to the next image, doubling the
>     number of key-strokes needed in this very time-consuming part of
>     my workflow.  The rejected photos do disappear if I switch to a
>     different saved search and then switch back to the "No Rejects"
>     saved search, or if I make some change to the Filter settings
>     (e.g. selecting then unselecting the "None" color label.
>     I thought I remembered some discussion of this, but my searches
>     failed to find it.
>     Is there some way to instantly hide photos from view when they are
>     rejected?
>     I also found that while I can save my "No Rejects" search, I don't
>     see a way to save my "No Rejects" filter.
>     Is there a way to save a Filter similar to saving a Search?
>     I'm guessing (and hoping) that both are possible and I just
>     haven't found the place in the digiKam handbook that describes how
>     to do it.
>     Thanks.

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