[digiKam-users] Help: tagging photos from multiple users

BensonBear benson.bear at gmail.com
Mon Oct 7 06:18:05 BST 2019

I think if the photos are changed because the metadata are changed, a scan
for new images should find the changed photos and reimport them.  (Under the
Tools/Maintenance menu).   It should be pretty fast.

Or if this does not work did you try the "reread metadata from files"
command under the album menu?  

This issue does not arise with me because I use only the one program and
metadata only in the database, so I don't know if there is a faster way,
this may process too much metadata for too many photos and be a little slow,
but it should at least work for you.  Someone else will know better but I
noticed you say you are on deadline so I suggest this for now.

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