[digiKam-users] Help: tagging photos from multiple users

Nicholas CARTER Nicholas.Carter at smec.com
Mon Oct 7 01:54:40 BST 2019

Hey everyone,

We have 12 cameras worth of photos that we have been tagging on digikam. Myself and a colleague have been tagging the photos on separate computers out of the same broader folder. She is able to see my tags on the cameras I tagged, but I'm unable to see hers on digikam. The metadata on the photo is there with the correct tag on digikam, but the tag isn't carried over to the properties.
I can also see the tag she applied on the photo under 'properties' when right clicking on the photo in 'my files'. Is there some kind of setting I need to change to see the tags come up in properties on digikam? We've got a bit of a deadline, so it's important we get over this hurdle soon!

Many thanks,

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