[digiKam-users] Image disappears in thumbnail-view after editing with showfoto

Robert Zeller privat robert.zeller at robert-zeller.org
Mon Oct 7 10:51:37 BST 2019

Hello, I am editing a raw image (.nef) using showfoto started from
digikam and exporting the result as a jpg-image to a different folder
using the export-tab in showfoto. Then I close showfoto. After that the
thumbnail of the original raw-image has disappeared from digikam's
thumbnail view. Even restoring all thumbnails in the raw-folder doesn't
bring back the thumbnail.Though the original raw-image is still on disk
at the same place, digikam doesn't show it anymore. What am I doing
wrong? Is there a way to restore the thumbnails in digikam's thumbnail view?

I am using digikam 6.3 appimage on Linux.



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