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Sun Oct 27 01:32:15 BST 2019

the metadata...

This all sounds very doable then. So as long as any of the users uses the
'Reread metadata from images' option then their local database is synced up
with the embedded metadata that is associated with the images? With about
1,000 images that task is taking about 15 mins when I do it on my computer
(everything is local at this point). That is a significant amount of time
but I also assume that they will only have to do it when they actually want
the most recent metadata and not necessarily every time that they want to
look at the images.

While this is not a perfect network solution it seems to me that it will
serve our purposes. Do you see anything that I may have missed that might be
a deal breaker for this? I really do like DigiKam and would like very much
to integrate it in our organization. Being a non-profit the price is
certainly right.

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