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Sun Oct 27 01:32:15 BST 2019

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In development branch of Digikam 
(branches/extragear/graphics/digikam/1.0-databaseext), Holger Foerster 
is working on a full database support for Digikam (Digikam currently 
only use sqlite, a small embedded database). This support may allow in 
the future to have a real framework for managing metadata  in Digikam 
from several computers.  But I guess it will take a lots of time before 
it appears in a stable release (I think it is also a feature which is 
missing in major software such as Lightroom).


> Thanks.
> Bugzilla from rechner at wrote:
>> Most questions have already been answered by Julien, so here comes just
>> some additional information.
>> 'Write metadata to all images' basically does the same as 'Album/ Write
>> metadata to images' and 'Image/ Write metadata to selected images', they
>> only apply this to different sets of imagesm AND there is a bug in
>> 'Write metadata to all images' (digiKam 0.10 to digiKam 1.0), which
>> should be fixed in following releases:
>> Also note that all these write options only write the part of the
>> metadata you selected in the preferences, if I'm not mistaken. I simply
>> selected pretty much everything. Then you can indeed restore digiKam's
>> database completely from the metadata read from the images. Of course
>> you still need the database for quick selection of sets of images (e.g.
>> all five star images with a specific tag).
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>> Vlado
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