[digiKam-users] Arbitrary sets

HanHoll han.holl at pobox.com
Mon Oct 28 13:36:20 GMT 2019


Digikam offers a rich variety of ways to construct a set of images to
operate in some way upon.
But (at least) two useful methods of constructing a set are missing.

Firstly, from the digikam database:
select relativePath, name  from ( ImageComments join Images on Images.id =
imageid ) as a join Albums on a.album = Albums.id where comment like '%
eiger %';

(The dikikam search tab will find lots of 'reiger's - dutch for heron) and I
want the Swiss mountain).
Secondly, from the file system:
find $DIGIKAMROOT -type f -newer ~/.config/digikamrc

All files that are written to since last session. This one is especially
useful ,e.g. when geotagging photographs to select which files to reread the
metadata from.

Of course, constructing a GUI for SQL or find is beyond the scope of the
digikam project and there would be problems with windows, but allowing a
file with filenames to be used (maybe in an extra lefthand tab: files) would
be very useful for  the more computer savvy user.

Han Holl

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