[digiKam-users] Search folder for duplicates. Not working?

Maik Qualmann metzpinguin at gmail.com
Fri May 24 17:37:21 BST 2019

The Duplicates search works album related, either within one or more albums or 
all albums. Each image is compared with each one. That can take a long time on 
all albums, so there's a progress bar and an extra start button. The 
similarity search compares the selected image against only all fingerprints, 
since the last optimization, this search also works with MySQL now in a 
fraction of a second. Before several minutes.


Am Freitag, 24. Mai 2019, 15:33:56 CEST schrieb woenx:
> I have been playing with the Find duplicates tool. After having
> reconstructed the fingerprints for my entire library, I can right click a
> picture, "Find similar..." and the duplicated pictures show immediately.
> However, right clicking on the album containing that picture, "Find
> duplicates...", and then clicking the button "Find duplicates" at the bottom
> (feels redundant), does not return the same results. Often just one or two
> duplicates when there should be tenths of them, in this specific case.
> As I see, the "Find duplicated" contextual option just pre-selects the
> folder to search for duplicates in the "Similarity" tool. But even selecting
> additional folders where I think the duplicates might be, they are not
> detected.
> Am I doing something wrong here? I just want to use the Fuzzy image search
> on all pictures of a directory/album at once.
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