[digiKam-users] Search folder for duplicates. Not working?

woenx marcpalaus at hotmail.com
Fri May 24 14:33:56 BST 2019

I have been playing with the Find duplicates tool. After having reconstructed
the fingerprints for my entire library, I can right click a picture, "Find
similar..." and the duplicated pictures show immediately.

However, right clicking on the album containing that picture, "Find
duplicates...", and then clicking the button "Find duplicates" at the bottom
(feels redundant), does not return the same results. Often just one or two
duplicates when there should be tenths of them, in this specific case.

As I see, the "Find duplicated" contextual option just pre-selects the
folder to search for duplicates in the "Similarity" tool. But even selecting
additional folders where I think the duplicates might be, they are not

Am I doing something wrong here? I just want to use the Fuzzy image search
on all pictures of a directory/album at once.

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