[digiKam-users] {solved] Re: Digikam 6.2 beta memory leaks?

leoutation at gmx.fr leoutation at gmx.fr
Fri May 10 17:23:48 BST 2019

On 5/9/19 5:38 PM, leoutation at gmx.fr wrote:

> I built last digikam-git, issue seems solved. I rebuilt fingerprints for
> 19.000 images. It took only 260M, certainly because i already did it
> with digikam 6.1. I think, may be i'm wrong, it takes more ressources
> with big files/images. This is my case. I have images (png xcf) files
> bigger than 120 M
> I have to say that I run lts 4.19 kernel. I upgraded it just before last
>   digikam build. May be issue came from old kernel, i'll never know it...

Precision: it was not "old kernel" but longterm linux kernel 4.19.40
released in may 2019.


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