[digiKam-users] "Legible themes"

Rafael Linux rafael.linux.user at gmail.com
Thu Jul 18 08:33:53 BST 2019

After taking more time testing all possible issues related with the problem,
I discovered that:

/That screenshot has no image selected... And that grays out the whole right 
sidebar for me, with no text for , except the tab labels...
After all, the right sidebar is mostly displaying information concerning the 
*current* image, which doesn't exist in your screenshot (the *only* one I've 
seen from you, btw.)/

It's not working like you think. See the new attached screenshot. Again, I
have no image selected, and all tab labels are clearly visible.

/Concerning the tab labels, have you checked in Digikam settings, "Views" 
section, if you have custom fonts active: the first two tabs ("Icons" and 
"treeviews") allow using either the system font or a custom font./

As you can see, that's was by default

/Thing is, now I know you are also using OpenSUSE, I can try to reproduce
problem. *Try* is the key here: I cannot get a combination where the labels 
become unreadable. But I'm using the Digikam 6.1.0 from OpenSUSE Leap 15.0, 
KDE:Extra repo, so *not* the appimage version./

I'm using the repositories version of Digikam, like you, in two different
However, as you as seen in my new screenshots, I think the problem that
cause the tab labels remained near barely visible is that, for some reason,
after user change theme plasma desktop, the side tab labels are not
updated!!!. If I close completely Digikam and launch it again, the
incoherence about text/icon color is gone. I didn't observe this problem in
other themeable software (KDenlive, Krita, ...) that in fact have a common
"themes" menu, where there are more possible themes to select. So, apart of
the mentioned "interface refresh" problem, I suggest that Digikam use that
common themes selector (see attached screenshot).


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