[digiKam-users] Feature request: better video display

jdd at dodin.org jdd at dodin.org
Wed Apr 24 20:59:07 BST 2019

Le 23/04/2019 à 17:35, Agustin Lobo a écrit :
> The same answer could be given for every feature in Digikam...

certainly not. Digikam is a software for tagging, sorting, basic editing 
of *still images*.

editing *videos* is an all different workflow. Basic video reading may 
be useful, but I even doubt it, I would largely like better have A big 
"X" as icon for video to make obvious I have to move these files eksewhere.

> The point is to ensemble those features needed for cataloging and
> visualizing in one single program.

of course not. let alone because metadata are very different between 
photos and videos.

>> I think VLC and Kdenlive let you do that. Digikam is not a video editor...
>> jdd

We may (or not) go to a world where 8 (or 16?)k video will make obsolete 
still photos, but this is to be disputed elsewhere and it's not yet.

What is sure is that some sort of cataloging software for videos could 
be useful, but as far as I know, open source software teams are made of 
very few people I I don't want the digikam team to spend time on video 
when there is so much work still to do on photos (of course is anybody 
want to make fun in video, I have no problem with it) .

of course all this is *my* point of view and anybody can thing otherwise



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