[digiKam-users] Relocate collection; Feature request and/or some hints

Bengt MÃ¥nsson bengt.mansson at gmail.com
Sun Sep 30 20:35:48 BST 2018

After moving my collection to a new NAS drive I really need to tell dk
about the new location. Having dk to read everything again is no solution,
since it would take a long time and I would loose information in the
I can't find the feature I need, so I used some quick bash. Here it is,
step by step (with dk off):

mysqldump --all-databases -p >a.sql
sed 's|/oldpath/PictureLibrary|/newpath/PictureLibrary|g' <a.sql >b.sql
cat b.sql | mysql -p

As you can see I am using Linux and MySql. A permanent built-in solution
would have to handle all combinations of os and db.

I also found out the best way (for me) to alternate between the linux
desktop and the win10 laptop. I run the desktop with Remote Desktop
Connection from the laptop. Not for editing but absolutely ok for tagging
and other administrative tasks. No need to relocate any more.

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