[digiKam-users] Odd problem with tags, a sort of 'ghost' tag

Sveinn í Felli sv1 at fellsnet.is
Fri Sep 28 15:12:53 BST 2018

Þann mið 26.sep 2018 20:21, skrifaði Chris Green:
> I have been sorting out the tags on a lot of my images.
> In particular I have been merging some 'place' tags which managed to
> get under different headings, for example I had places/UK/wales/anglesey and
> places/wales/anglesey.
> So now I have some images which show lots of different tag settings
> according to how I view them:-
>      Hovering over the thumbnail shows 'Anglesey'.
>      Selecting 'UK' under tags in the left sidebar shows the image.
>      Selecting 'UK' in the tags filter on the RHS (with all albums
>      selected on the left) shows nothing.
>      Viewing the tags with exiv2 or exiftool shows
>      'Xmp.digiKam.TagsList [seq Text] = ['Places/Wales/North Wales/Anglesey']
>      which is what I'd expect.

One question; has the database been accessed from different systems/OS 
or moved between disks ?
Has the tag "North Wales" maybe split up to two tags?
I once (long time ago) had problems with tags with spaces in their name.
At the time it could have been different character encodings teasing me.

Just wondering,

Sveinn í Felli

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