[digiKam-users] More efficient tagging process

woenx marcpalaus at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 27 16:08:31 BST 2018

I have been tagging a few folders using the Captions/Tags panel, and there's
a little thing that bothers me, specially when using tag hierarchies.

When you tag a picture (write the name on the text field on top), there's no
indication that this tag has been assigned to that picture. Only after
clicking on "Apply" or clicking elsewhere on the screen the tag is saved to
the picture and is shown in the tag list. Sometimes you want to write a new
sub-tag inside the one you just added, so you need to first write one tag,
then write the other tag, and then move one tag inside the other. So Digikam
has to write on the picture three times. For a few pictures it's fine, but
it can get cumbersome when you have to tag several folders.

What I think would be better: To show the temporary or intermediate tags.
You type a new tag, that new tag appears in another color in the list, then
you can keep adding tags and moving them around, and only when you click on
Apply (or clicking elsewhere) that tag hierarchy is saved to the image, only
writing it once. This is already in use in the reverse geocoding tool, where
the temporary or intermediate tags appear in green, and are written when you
click on "Apply".

Actually, if using temporary or intermediate tags can be confusing, just
show the new tags in the list even before they've been written to the file,
and apply the changes once you click on Apply.

What do you think? Am I overthinking this?

PS: also, saving the state of the "Tags already assigned" button between
sessions would be great.

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