[digiKam-users] batch process for tagging

Fabiola Iannarilli fabiola.iannarilli at gmail.com
Thu Sep 6 21:10:47 BST 2018


I am using digikam to process camera trap pictures and add information on
the species 'captured' as EXIF data using tags.

I have a large number of camera sites (100 x season) coded with different
names. The cameras I am using store every 1000 pictures in a different
folder, so I have this directory structure:

     folder_1  (1000 pics)
     folder_2  (1000 pics)
     folder_3  (1000 pics)

     folder_1  (1000 pics)
     folder_2  (1000 pics)

Is there a way to add the tags to all the pictures taken at a camera site
(i.e., pictures in all the folders of that camera) using a batch process so
that I can run it when I am not at the computer?

Thank you for any suggestion,
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