[digiKam-users] Missing Export Menu

. lotsastuff at iinet.net.au
Fri Nov 23 23:13:11 GMT 2018

Using the appimage is working quite well, just a couple of funny 
problems, like when launching Gimp from within DigiKam (appimage 
install) I see an error from Gimp saying the little CMS library is the 
wrong version.  Oddly this happens when I make Gimp the default app and 
use a hotkey (meta+F4),  but not when I launch it from the 'Open 
with..." context menu.  Likewise Darktable crashes when it is the 
default and meta+F4 is used, but runs fine from Open with.

Anyway, I can work around this.   So thanks for your help.

On 23/11/18 10:26 pm, Gilles Caulier wrote:
> This kind of problem where all export plugins are not available in 
> menu is due to a wrong install of plugin files loaded at run time.
> In AppImage, we take a care about this point. For Kubuntu, who know...
> In fact for 6.0.0, all the plugins are replace by native 
> implementation of tools in digiKam core. There is no more loading at 
> run time...
> Gilles Caulier
> Le ven. 23 nov. 2018 à 06:03, canodigi <lotsastuff at iinet.net.au 
> <mailto:lotsastuff at iinet.net.au>> a écrit :
>     canodigi wrote
>     > I am missing the Export menu.   When I click on Export in the
>     main menu,
>     > nothing happens at all.  All other menus seem fine.
>     >
>     > I have tried  removing the digikamrc file from ~/.config,  and going
>     > through
>     > the initial setup again but that doesn't fix it.   I have tried
>     > reinstalling
>     > the DigiKam package using Synaptic, but again, no change.
>     >
>     > Digikam version is 5.6.0, running on Ubuntu Studio 18.04.1 LTS.
>     Answering myself with more info.  I just downloaded the 5.9.0
>     appimage of
>     DigiKam.   It works properly, i.e. the export menu is there and
>     working.
>     Not sure of the downside of using an appimage vs a native apt
>     package for
>     ubuntu, but it seems to work and has picked up all my config and
>     setup.
>     --
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