[digiKam-users] DigiKam and multiple computers -- best practices

woenx marcpalaus at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 22 22:42:40 GMT 2018

I also think that if you have exactly the same path to your pictures in both
machines, it's worth sharing just one database, although it will probably be
a bit slower if it's in a network share (it also depends on the kind of
network, wired, wireless...).

If you use two databases, one for each computer, there are some changes that
won't be applied from one computer to the other. For instance, deleted tags
won't sync from one database to the another, or renamed or moved tags won't
be written to the files (or the sidecars) unless you tell them them to
manually. So it's usually better to just have one database for the moment if
you want all your information to be up to date.

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