[digiKam-users] DigiKam and multiple computers -- best practices

cool.chris65 at web.de cool.chris65 at web.de
Thu Mar 22 19:21:14 GMT 2018


my installation looks like this:
I've a NAS in my network at home, where the pics are stored on, and I can 
reach them over nfs- or cifs-share.

The database I stored in a mariadb-server which is on the same nas

At least it is important, that the mount onto the system from where you want 
to run DK is allways the same, eg:

Notebook: /mnt/pictures
Desktop: /mnt/pictures

So it needs just the first time a little bit to scan for new item on each 
system, but you can work on each system with just the same datas without 
storing thme more than one time.

Greetz, Christoph

Am Donnerstag, 22. März 2018, 16:24:26 CET schrieb Tac Tacelosky:
> I'm recently back from a trip, and am finally moving from my 13" laptop
> screen to a full-size monitor and faster computer.  I'm wondering what the
> best practices are for using DigiKam and multiple computers.
> It appears that all the photo meta-data is stored in the database (MySQL or
> sqlite) AND in the sidecar files.  And of course there's the meta-data
> embedded in the images themselves (EXIF, etc in JPEG, and some camera data
> in the RAW files).
> I've copied the photos and meta-data files from my laptop to a removable
> drive, which I've added as a collection on my desktop.  (Side note: I was
> surprised not to see the drive listed, but rather had to add it via
> /tac/media/<drive>).
> So now I have 2 databases, one on my laptop and one on my desktop.  The
> images at the moment are the same, but I'm wondering what the next best
> step for the workflow is.  I'm thinking I should keep the external,
> removable drive as the "master", even though it's a bit slower, and simply
> attach the device to whatever computer I'm using and run the maintenance
> program to keep the database in sync.
> Is my logic correct?  That is, should I keep independent databases on each
> computer, add the external drive as  a "collection" and keep the database
> in sync by leveraging the sidecar files?
> Thanks,
> Tac

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