[digiKam-users] DigiKam and multiple computers -- best practices

karsten_df karsten.defreese at posteo.de
Fri Mar 23 20:05:04 GMT 2018

also, even if your paths are different, there's an option to share the same
database - IF you don't mind manually editing database entries (see

For every 'collection', the 2nd path needs to be added to db-table
'AlbumRoots' (column 'Identifier'), e.g.: 
needs to be changed to
(this is a case, where the 2nd computer is a Windows machine connected via

This can be achieved e.g. with MySQL Workbench:
digikam_core / Tables / AlbumRoots
=> click on table symbol at the end of the line
=> "Form Editor" View
don't forget to press oval 'Apply' button in bottom right corner...
.. done..

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