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Leigh S leigh at sutherland.pt
Sat Mar 17 13:11:27 GMT 2018


I have xubuntu 16.04LTS

I have used Digikam to scan for faces and to add people tags

However, I also use Shotwell, and now I cant get the tags from Digikam to Shotwell

I am trying to write them to the files in Digikam so that Shotwell will hopefully see them, but with little luck

I have found that by manually editing the IPTC keyword of a photo in Digikam then this keyword is recognised by Shotwell as a tag.

However, I cant find a way to do this for multiple photos at once, and I would like somehow to transpose the Digikam tags to this IPTC keyword

Could anyone give a simple way of doing this please? 

Obviously I am not very adept at this :)


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