[digiKam-users] Search for duplicates. How does it work?

woenx marcpalaus at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 15 13:29:36 GMT 2018


I am trying to figure out how to use the duplicate search in Digikam. There
are many duplicates pictures in my library, mostly those that were taken
from my phone and then sent via whatsapp (which are placed in its own
subfolder). These duplicates often have a lower resolution compared to the
original, so I would like to get rid of them. 

In the "Similarity" panel on the left. I first created all the fingerprints
(it took around a whole day), a requisite for that search, I imagine.

Then, in that panel, in the "Duplicates" tab, I click at "Find duplicates".
The similarity range is set to 95-100%, and I wait until it finishes
loading. Then some picture groups appear (around a hundred), a few of them
are duplicates, a few of them just similar pictures... but none of them
correspond to those "whatsapp" duplicates. 

Am I doing something wrong?

I also tried right-clicking on an image -> "Find similar" that I know for
sure it's duplicate, but no similar images are ever found.

Any ideas?

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